Colored hearing : From Music to Painting

The variety of colors in the painting stimulates human vision. People recognize the picture through their eyes. Likewise, the sound of music stimulates human hearing to perceive it. Through such senses, people have different feelings. Some people experience synesthesia to see color while listening to music, while others listen to various sounds while looking at pictures. I wondered how pictures could be converted to sound, or how music could be converted to pictures.
The reaction to feeling the color in one sound is called 'colored hearing'. It has already been studied by Newton and Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. For example, the color of C major is white and the color of A major is red. Goethe had attempted to develop a color harpsichord (a light bulb with a specific color lit up when the piano key was pressed).

Let's try!

1. First, Choose any music. You can check the music you choose below.

2. Click the Play Music button that play music and show a abstract painting which responds to music.

3. Click the Alive Painting button that show the Kandinsky painting which responds to music.