Interactive music video

I learned that Processing provides a wide range of opportunities. I made motion prototypes about reacting by sound, using a sound library. At first, I was fascinated by the images that were changed by my voice through the microphone. Hearing a message is continual and physical. Despite it is not visible and touchable, it can be visualized by synesthesia. The stimulation of hearing affects the sense of sight because all senses stimulate associations. Therefore, I visualized sound by setting imaginary and visual elements. I wondered how the visual elements react to music which includes various sounds. Thus, I made a code that the size of visual elements is changed, rotating or moving by music. In addition, I made some prototypes by applying several motions. For example, the wheel of background shows drum beats such as Kick, Snare, and Hat by controlling opacity. I designed the character in the center of the screen with Illustrator and converted it to SVG to use in the Processing program. However, it was difficult to move SVG images on Processing and the major problem was the animation that I had to balance and make it react with music. After finishing this project, I made a 3D interactive music video. Above all, this project was challenging for me to create special animations suitable for different music. Nevertheless, I would like to make more diverse motions or animations that connect to the installation artwork to approach to public.

1. Human

Music 👉 What makes you beautiful, ThePianoGuys

2. Fox

Music 👉 What makes you beautiful, ThePianoGuys

3. Sphere

Music 👉 Rain, Ryuichi Sakamoto

4. Motion

Music 👉 Eclipse, StrobeHypnoticz

5. Squares

Music 👉 Insane slap bass, Victor Wooten